Useful for guests: hotel list

The Ballooning Festival, which is taken place in Velikiye Luki every year, became not just a visit card of the town but event is gathering hundreds of fan of this kind of sport.

Not just pilots from Russia and from different coutries come to the competition but many people who would like to watch the unforgetable spectacular.

If you are going to take part in The 25th Balloon Meet in our town and have no idea where you could stay, see the list of hotels we made up for you:

Hotel "Jubileinaya"

GRK "Amaris"

Hotel "Lukie Service"

Mini-hotel "Idilia"

Hotel "Slujebnaya"

Hotel "Harmony Plus"

GRK "Podvorie"

In addition there are countryside hotels and recreation centers placed next to The Velikiye Luki but we'll tell about them some latter.

Number of guests of The Festival is growing up year after year. Therefore don't forget to book your accommodation in advance.

Everyone who visited our fiesta once comes back again and again to immerse yourself in an indescribable atmosphere which soars over Velikiye Luki

We are waiting for your visit.